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23 September 2017

The push for STEM in schoo just wage control ?

by Code Monkey

Tech’s push to teach coding isn’t about kids’ success – it’s about cutting wages

The author has some valid points but I think misses a bigger issue.

I believe schools should be teaching kids critical thinking skills, question the world and have a life long passion to learn. But I see the school system turn into a test heavy trade school cranking out workers to fill short-term needs for todays economy.

Being an older programmer, and a father, I see the school system push STEM (only part of which is coding) first while programs that help grow our children’s minds (art, music, history, philosophy) are being cut.\

Will teaching a kid Java, python, robotics etc in school helps our kids be ready for a life of constant learning that our economy has become?\

Will years of test taking teach our kids to develop new technologies or new industries or just be unquestioning work force to matrix in corporations?


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