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18 November 2018

Corporate want to repackage current positions under the title "Data Scientist"

by Code Monkey

I have been attempting to change from a pure “code monkey” career to a “data monkey”.

It seems most companies say they want “Data Scienists” but in reality they just want a code monkey who is in charge of creating dashboards and metrics for all things data. This has lead to applying to positions, that if I was cynical, I would call “bait and switch” or “faith based” positions.

We have a whole new generation whom I believe won’t be happy with just slinging code for 30 years but actually want something more meaningful, and see a career path in Data Science towards those ends.

Many older coke monkeys are tiring of coding the same applications in different technology stacks over the years are also looking for a change. Is “Data Science” the holy grail of work statisfaction in a corporeate world?

This article points outs some of the disillusionment newly minted DS’s are going through

Why So Many Data Scientists are leaving their jobs, 4 Most Important Reasons



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