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26 September 2014

Ignoring The Morale Issues This Article

by Code Monkey

Plattner{.author-photo}Adam Plattner{.author} - 2014-09-26 08:20:31-0400[

Ignoring the morale issues this article raises,  has anyone thought about IT security?  If the virtual repo-men can remotely disable millions of cars from their smart phones….so can hackers.\ \ #repo{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}\ #subprimeautoloans{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}\ #surveillance{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}\ #exploitation{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}  


Miss a Payment? Good Luck Moving That Car - NYTimes.com

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