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21 July 2014

Ad Tracking Companies Want Users Browsi

by Code Monkey

Plattner{.author-photo}Adam Plattner{.author} - 2014-07-21 21:42:13-0400[

Ad tracking companies want users browsing/buying habits to sell, users want privacy, so canvas fingerprint tracking is the next battle in the ongoing cat and mouse game.\ \ The CEO of AddThis was upfront when asked about canvas fingerprinting tracking by saying, “We’re looking for a cookie alternative”.  But like any good CEO of an ad ware tracking company has little concerns about privacy implications by stating “this is well within the rules and regulations and laws and policies that we have.”\ \ I use javascript blocking addons like NoScript and ScriptSafe which provide protection, but can be a pain to manager website by website.\ \ #addthis{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}\ #tracking{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}\ #canvasfingerprinting{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}\ #privacy{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}  


Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block

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