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20 May 2014

Let S Hope This Passes. Last Week, Sen

by Code Monkey

Plattner{.author-photo}Adam Plattner{.author} - 2014-05-20 10:20:18-0400[

Let’s hope this passes.\ \ Last week, Senators Edward Markey (D-Mass) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) proposed the “Protecting Student Privacy Act”\ \ “Ensure private companies can’t maintain dossiers on students in perpetuity by requiring the companies to at some point delete PII”\ \ #privacy{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}\ #PII{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}\ #kidsprivacy{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}  


Education data mining puts kids’ privacy at risk

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