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19 May 2014

Should Ed Tech Companies Own The Rights

by Code Monkey

Plattner{.author-photo}Adam Plattner{.author} - 2014-05-19 08:09:28-0400[

Should ed tech companies own the rights to re-sell (hopefully) anonymized data on academic progress, work habits and learning styles on students under 18?\ \ It seems most ed tech companies have reasonable privacy policies outlining what they will do with the metadata collected on children.\ \ The concern is once the data is resold to other data brokers and merged up with their parents data,  do we trust corporations to do not evil?

Originally shared by Will Hill{.reshare-attribution}The amount of data being collected is staggering. Ed tech companies of all sizes, from basement startups to global conglomerates, have jumped into the game. The most adept are scooping up as many as 10 million unique data points on each child, each day. That’s orders of magnitude more data than Netflix or Facebook or even Google collect on their users\ \ Read more: {.link-embed}

Data mining your children

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Matt McKnight{.author}[

Sure, no problem. Rather than worry about what data is collected, we ought to spend more time preventing actual things we don’t like. For example, no one should be allowed to direct advertisements at captive audiences (like students). 

Adam Plattner{.author}[

When swarms of ed tech companies present a tidal wave of silver bullet solutions to gives their kids a perceived competitive advantage for the next round of standardized tests, most parents sign waiver(s) to their kids rights.

Matt McKnight{.author}[

And then there was this… \ \ Grading based on anything other than how well you know the material is wrong, using courseware for that purpose…heading for snow crash.