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29 November 2013

Help Fight Patent Troll Erich Spangenbe

by Code Monkey

Plattner{.author-photo}Adam Plattner{.author} - 2013-11-29 10:33:31-0500[

Help fight patent troll Erich Spangenberg,  buy a tshirt from Newegg!\ \ There is prior works that invalidate the patent in question, but most companies just pay a fee that is less then going to court.\ [Buy t-shirt]\ \ \ “Newegg’s largest competitor, Amazon, paid $500,000 to TQP Development, a company owned by Spangenberg that exists to sue over the Jones patent. Microsoft paid $1,000,000.\ In all, Spangenberg has earned $45.37 million from the Jones patent.”


Jury: Newegg infringes Spangenberg patent, must pay $2.3 million

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