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27 October 2013

While Focusing On The Interactions Of B

by Code Monkey

Plattner{.author-photo}Adam Plattner{.author} - 2013-10-27 06:41:03-0400[

While focusing on the interactions of Baby Boomer parents and Gen Y kids, I wonder what the authors feelings on Gen X kids are.

Originally shared by James Kozianski{.reshare-attribution}I do think there is some grain of truth in this, but its preening self-satisfaction makes it clear that the intention is to polarise and enflame, not to help. (If you need something to wash the snark away with I found this article to be a good antidote )\ \ I could believe that young people in general have unrealistic expectations. Expectations are what you get before experience and the younger you are the less experienced you are. We live in a time where media saturation has reached an extreme, and the only stories we like are romanticised, so of course people are going to have misaligned expectations - they are being lied to! What’s the point in blaming the victim as the author so snarkily does?\ \ It’s annoying to have the same people who told you you could be anything you want now turn around and laugh at you for believing them, and pretending that they were never young and naive. Would it be considered helpful to mock the people who went off to the first World War expecting an adventure? Where’s the cursive rainbow text saying “War is fun”?\ \ Perhaps the best response to this mean-spirited jab at our own young is Goya’s: . For better or for worse the future is in the hands of the next generation. There’s no need to be petty about it.{.link-embed}

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