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14 October 2013

Oct 2008 You Ll Never Get Elected And

by Code Monkey

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Oct 2008: “You’ll never get elected and pass healthcare.”\ Nov 2008: “We’ll never let you pass healthcare.”\ Jan 2009: “We are going to shout you down every time you try to pass healthcare.”\ July 2009: “We will fight to the death every attempt you make to pass healthcare.”\ Dec 2009: “We will destroy you if you even consider passing healthcare.”\ March 2010: “We can’t believe you just passed healthcare.”\ April 2010: “We are going to overturn healthcare.”\ Sept 2010: “We are going to repeal healthcare.”\ Jan 2011: “We are going to destroy healthcare.”\ Feb 2012: “We are going to elect a candidate who will immediately revoke healthcare.”\ June 2012: “We will go to the Supreme Court, and they will overturn healthcare.”\ Aug 2012: “The American people will never re-elect you, because they don’t want healthcare.”\ Oct 2012: “We can’t wait to win the election and explode healthcare.”\ Nov 2012: “We can’t believe you just got re-elected and that we can’t repeal healthcare.”\ Feb 2013: “We’re still going to vote to obliterate healthcare.”\ June 2013: “We can’t believe the Supreme Court just upheld healthcare.”\ July 2013: “We’re going to vote like 35 more times to erase healthcare.”\ Sept 2013: “We are going to leverage a government shutdown into defunding, destroying, obliterating, overturning, repealing, dismantling, erasing and ripping apart healthcare.”\ Oct 2013: “WHY AREN’T YOU NEGOTIATING???”


It all comes down to this…

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