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13 October 2013

There Is A Infographic For Everything

by Code Monkey

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There is a infographic for everything

Originally shared by{.reshare-attribution}The Internet Map encompasses over 350,000 websites based in 196 countries, which are clustered according to about 2 million mutual links between them. The interactive Internet map is an “attempt to look into the hidden structure of the network, fathom its colossal scale, and examine that which is impossible to understand from the bare figures of statistics.” Every circle on the map stands for a unique website, with its size determined by website web traffic. Its color depends on the country of origin, with red for Russia, yellow for China, purple for Japan, and light-blue for the US.\ \ #informationaesthetics{.ot-hashtag .bidi_isolate}  \ \ Would you like to see more_?  Image{.media}{.media-link}

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