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25 April 2013

Very True

by Code Monkey

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Very true

Originally shared by Tim O’Reilly{.reshare-attribution}This is the best piece about privacy that I’ve read in a long time!  If it doesn’t change how you think about the privacy issue, I’ll be surprised.  It opens:\ \ “Many governments (including our own, here in the US) would have its citizens believe that privacy is a switch (that is, you either reasonably expect it, or you don’t). This has been demonstrated in many legal tests, and abused in many circumstances ranging from spying on electronic mail, to drones in our airspace monitoring the movements of private citizens. But privacy doesn’t work like a switch – at least it shouldn’t for a country that recognizes that privacy is an inherent right. In fact, privacy, like other components to security, works in layers…”\ \ Please read{.link-embed}

On Expectation of Privacy | Jonathan Zdziarski’s Domain

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