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25 February 2013

These Points Line Up With Things I Have

by Code Monkey

Plattner{.author-photo}Adam Plattner{.author} - 2013-02-25 12:16:26-0500[

These points line up with things I have seen first hand with my dealings with Hospitals, and other articles I have read before.  But I have never seen so many points put together that give a much broader picture in one article\ \ Here are some of the points that really stand out to me.\ \ #3 The United States spends more on health care than Japan, Germany, France, China, the U.K., Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain and Australia combined.\ \ #7 Approximately 60 percent of all personal bankruptcies in the United States are related to medical bills.\ \ #23 Prescription drugs cost about 50% more in the United States than they do in other countries.\ \ #44 It is not uncommon for insurance companies to get hospitals to knock their bills down by up to 95 percent, but if you are uninsured or you don’t know how the system works then you are out of luck.\ \ NOTE: Normally I do not post articles sourced from Infowars, but every one of the 50 points they mentioned in this article is sourced


50 Signs That The U.S. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam

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