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13 July 2012

I Am Not A Fan Of Gm Foods, Though I Kn

by Code Monkey

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I am not a fan of GM foods, though I know its getting harder to avoid it.  I worry about the gene splice apple cross pollinating with other Apple Orchards and having unattended side affects without at least a 10+ year study.\ \ Would a GM apple that does not brown after being cut interest you?


Growers Fret Over a New Apple That Won’t Turn Brown

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Adam Plattner{.author}[

Genetically modified foods aka “GM foods” is a common term for all gene spliced foods.  Look up “GM Corn”, seems a large portion of the corn grown is GM now (think 85% of US corn)

Adam Plattner{.author}[

There is a huge debate on how safe GM food is.  Google “GM food safe” to research a bit